PIAF! THE SHOW (Executive Producer)
Actor: Anne Carrere.

Executive Producer

Do you have a property and financing, but not the time or skills to produce it yourself? Then you need an Executive Producer! Budgeting, rights acquisition, contracting both artistic and support team personnel, setting up the box office and scaling the house, strategizing and reviewing all advertising and marketing, tracking ticket sales and analyzing sales trends- with over 30 years of professional experience, Peter can provide a complete range of services that will make your event a success!


Piaf! The Show at Carnegie Hall

“Peter Bogyo did a brilliant job serving as Executive Producer of my concert “PIAF! The Show” at Carnegie Hall. I am based in Nice, France, and needed someone on the ground in New York to shepherd this event to success. Peter is a consummate professional. He reviewed our budgets, was my liason with Carnegie Hall on all matters financial, technical and marketing, set up our box office, hired a union press agent and a theatrical advertising agency, created timelines for my team, engaged an ethnic marketing agency and a grassroots street team to supplement our mainstream efforts, supervised, crafted and coordinated all advertising and marketing endeavors, tracked sales, and solved a myriad of problems quickly and efficiently. Under his leadership, our concert was completely sold out and the evening was a triumph. Within seventy-two hours following the concert, I received forty confirmed offers to book the show on a national tour! I owe Peter a huge debt of gratitude; l could never have achieved this level of success in New York’s biggest and most prestigious hall without his guidance, commitment and expertise!”

~Gil Marsalla, Producer

¡Figaro! (90210)

Peter Bogyo served as Executive Producer for my production of ¡Figaro! (90210) in New York City, and I relied heavily on his expertise and connections to realize a limited off-Broadway run at The Duke on 42nd Street in March and April 2016.

Peter was instrumental in many key areas of the production process including, among others:

  • Budgeting and cash-flow projections
  • Development of a clear and actionable pre-production timeline
  • Negotiations and contracting of cast and creative team
  • Navigation of union regulations and insurance requirements
  • Coordination with venue, marketing and public relations partners

In working with me and my team, Peter helped design a customized approach to the production that drew on his decades of experience in New York theater while embracing the unique challenges inherent to our property.

Just as importantly, I found Peter to be a positive, thoughtful and generous colleague, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

~Vid Guerrerio