Jerry Herman's Showtune (Off-Broadway)
Jerry Herman and the cast of Showtune


“Peter Bogyo has been the General Manager of four shows I’ve produced recently and is scheduled to be the GM on others coming up. That should tell you a lot about how highly I regard his work, skills and leadership.”
Nelle Nugent

“My profound thanks go to concert producer Peter Bogyo. The magic of tonight’s concert is a tribute to his tenacity, devotion and vision.”
Louis J. Bradbury
Gay Men’s Health Crisis

“The role of the General Manager is crucial to the success of any commercial production.  It requires a seasoned manager who is adept at financial planning and budgeting for the proper execution of a production plan capable of making a profit for the partnership.  He oversees all scheduling both in production and during the run.  It requires a skillful problem solver who is comfortable speaking to all departments including talent representatives, tradesman and craft services, union members of all theatrical trades, attorneys, accountants, and even talent themselves.  He must be on call 24/7 and present at all meetings involving marketing and advertising.  The General Manager can be the difference between a financially successful production and a flop.  The General Manager is instrumental in creating a working environment in production and the running of a show that inspires creativity, fosters a workplace that is productive and is pleasant to be part of. Peter Bogyo has been doing all of these things successfully for over twenty years.  He has managed many shows for me and is a crucial member of my core production team.”

“Peter Bogyo is one of the finest General Managers on Broadway today. My experience working with Peter goes back over ten years, and throughout that time I have learned many of the more complex, and intricate dealings concerning Artist contracts and Union regulations when working with him. Peter is kind, respectful, and honest; which are a combination of virtues that can make a hectic production schedule more like smooth-sailing. He’s thorough and organized, and reliable during the process of production where someone just like him is needed to keep all hands on deck at the most critical times.”

“Peter Bogyo produced our very successful benefit First Ladies of Song. He shaped the program, found and supported the creative people and handled the myriad details to perfection. As a result of this benefit we got nationwide publicity, many new donors and added prestigous names to our Board of Directors. This benefit gave us more than money. It gave us credibility.”

“I have had the pleasure to have co-produced a few Broadway shows with Peter Bogyo as our General Manager. He is smart, detail oriented and a true gentleman of the theatre. I look forward to our next collaboration.”
Wendy Federman

“I have enjoyed working with Peter Bogyo as our General Manager on many shows. He has a wonderful attitude, is very professional and is only tough when he needs to be. I can highly recommend him.”
Julian Schlossberg